Update: What’s In The Works and Collaboration Opportunities.

UPDATE: Behind the scenes at Karmically Scripted

Hi, everyone, just a little update to let you know what is happening… I am sorry that things have been so quiet around here lately. However,  I have been working on some great things behind the scenes. One of those things is a printable blog planner that I will be offering. I will have two sizes available: The full letter size as well as the A5 (half page) size. Hopefully, after a few more updates to it and some tweaks, I will be offering it for free in exchange for feedback and suggestions for improvement. Until then, here are a few sample images of what you can expect. These are minimalistic in nature with just a touch of color. I would love it if you would use the comment section to let me know what you think.




In other news, we are looking for some collaboration work as well. What we would like, is to display works of art, photos, poetry, stories, essays, random thoughts, anything that you would like to submit. You see, our goal is to make this site be mostly reader submitted. But, we need your help to reach that goal. Now, if you have any of these things, or anything else for that matter, that you would be willing to share here at Karmically Scripted, we sure would be grateful. The more we get, the closer we will be to our goal of being mostly reader submitted.

As you can tell, we are well on our way to becoming all we aim to be. With a little help from our readers and well as the blogging community, you can help make all of our dreams turn into the most amazing realities.

My Favorite Blog

Ok, while you are waiting for us to get our stuff together, I beg of you to go check out this page. Jenny Lawson is The Bloggess. She is a mother, wife, and author of one of the most inspiring books I have ever had the pleasure to experience. Furiously Happy is her second book and one of the reasons I finally turned by hopes of blogging into a reality. She writes about life with depression (and a few other things like social anxiety) and how she has found a way to function with it, in the most heartbreakingly funny way. If you are looking for a something to fill your time please take a moment to get to know Jenny. You won’t be sorry.

Bye for now

I am off to make dinner and work on a few more pages for you beautiful people to enjoy. Have a great night!

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