The Power To Empower

 The Power To Empower

Karmically Scripted Power To Empower

What is the power to empower?

“As women, we should be building each other up, not tearing each other down.” I don’t know who said this but it is great advice. That is what this section is all about. I will share stories of empowerment. Things that I have experienced, or have read, and your stories as well. I want to know what you have done to lift up a woman who needed it. I want to know how someone has helped you to feel like you could conquer something that you were sure was going to break you. I want your ideas on The Power To Empower Movement. What would you do to create a culture of empowerment that will trickle down through to the next generation?

Why Are We Doing This?

You see, that is what is important. Do you see that picture up there, that is part of my next generation. Those are my beautiful girls, one of my own flesh and blood and the other born not of my body, but of my heart. I want to make sure that they can maneuver in a world that can seem hell bent on extinguishing that spark of life in their souls and this is the movement that can save the lust for life that we all should have.

Discover Other Stories Of Empowerment

Share your story of empowerment! Help uplift someone who may need it!