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Well hello there. My name is Mary and I am so happy you have found your way here. I have coffee, tea, wine, oh….and lots to say. I hope you are looking for friendship, love, and some everyday insight on life because that is what you have found.  am a SAHM of five beautiful kids who keep me on my toes and make me crazy sometimes. They are all in their teens so I have plenty of shenanigans to talk about. You will get a little bit of everything here at Karmically Scripted. Most importantly, you will get a piece of each other. Are you intrigued? Continue reading to see what I mean. Want to know more about the creators? Follow the link below to get personal

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Karmically Scripted Power To Empower

I am so excited about this concept. The Power To Empower is our movement teaching girls how to find worth in building up others instead of tearing them down. There seems to be a terrible trend with our young girls. It seems that they more they beat someone down, physically or mentally, the better they feel about themselves. The Power To Empower aims to change that way of thinking and bring back the idea of kindness and strength. So let me hear from you. Do you have an idea on how to bring awareness to our movement? Maybe you have a story to share about when you needed help or helped someone else and how you benefited from it. Follow the link below to find out more and share your story.

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In it’s earliest concepts and through all of its changes, one thing has remained the same…THIS IS YOUR HOME TOO! Look, I already know what I have to say andI already know my story, I wanna know yours. I want to see your talents and hear your ideas. Send me your songs and videos. I know that there is some great talent out there just waiting to be seen and heard. Maybe the advice or talent you have to offer will be the thing someone struggling needs the most. That is the foundation of what we do here. This site cannot be all that is was imagined to be without you. The opportunity to submit will be scattered around the site where ever they fit. You can also contact us by clicking the button bellow.